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Where is a place that feels like home to me?

As a child…I always felt like an outsider both in school and at home. I never quite found my “peeps” and knew that there was something more to life waiting for me.

I loved playing with my Barbies as a little girl or shall I say, I loved to cut their hair off which made my parents ELATED. No matter how many times they threatened to take away my Barbie’s…I couldn’t stop. It was my first addiction. So when I told my parents I wanted to go to beauty school…they weren’t as excited as I. I listened to their suggestions by going to to numerous colleges and changing my major at least 5 times.

When I finally enrolled in hair school at the age of 22….it was the first time that everything made sense to me. It felt like home…where I was always meant to be. My inner child was finally able to do what she longed for. So when I eventually opened up my own salon…it truly become my second home. Clients often comment on how they feel like they are home when they enter my salon.

I can say that my clients leave looking much better than my original muse Barbie. Though I do wish I had my first haircut of hers on display for it was a true masterpiece to me.

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