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Just Say Yes to a Shower Filter

I started my hair career in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is where I learned about how much water impacts our hair. The majority of the water in Florida is treated with minerals. You may also encounter this with well water…often times leaving the water too hard or too soft. Now get your mind out of the gutter and read on for the most common minerals to cause less than stellar hair.

*Iron and manganese can turn your hair orange when oxidized. I would watch natural blondes lift to the color of a rusty penny and not budge.

*Copper can produce a green tint in the hair. This actually happened to me earlier this year…I discovered my town’s water has quite a bit of copper in it.

*Calcium can build up on your hair causing it to weigh down and potentially even break. It’s very hard to detangle and feels like there’s almost a coating on your hair.

Investing in a shower filter is the fastest way to eliminate these minerals negatively impacting your hair. Just remember to replace the filter as needed so it continues to work its’ magic. Not only will your hair look and feel better, your salon color experience will benefit too.

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