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Matthew is our go to for total body healing. He has healed Meghan's tennis elbow amongst many other things and is a joy to chat with too.

We adore Dr. Bill and find his approach with upper cervical adjustments to be the best. He's helped rid Meghan of her chronic headaches and carpal tunnel. 

Raffi is an all over healer and the best massage therapist....seriously. We are so lucky to have him in Watertown. He's the only person that can alleviate tension without pain for Meghan. 

Meghan is an spf gal that doesn't mess around with the sun. Therefore, spray tans are an essential for her in the summer, for special occasions, photo shoots or honestly, just a pick me up. You'll be in and out in under ten minutes and it’s adorable inside.

Mike is the best handyman in the land. He has helped Meghan both commercially and residentially for over ten years now. He's her brother from another mother and we can't say enough about his amazing work.

Ricci Cheng's coffee shop is the best in town and her pastries are amazing. Stop by for a latte and one of her freshly made scones.

Peggy Wollman and her team have helped Meghan for over ten years both with business and real estate matters. They are the best legal team in town and Meghan would be lost without them. 


We hope that you enjoy our local recommendations. We love promoting small businesses who bring so much to our local community.

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